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We love Natick library!

Alyssa, Age 42

I like all the books!

Nyah, Age -

I like getting books!

Bryn, Age -

I love books

Jaymee, Age -

I love the library

Luna, Age -

I love my library

Robin, Age -

So many things to choose!

Lourie, Age -

I love my library!

Jarieliz, Age -

I love books!

Ruby, Age -

We love the library!

Meredith & Ryan, Age -


Seraphina, Age 10

The staff are so wonderful!

-, Age -


Betsy, Age 61

I love Forbes

Susan, Age 62

Thank you, Janet!

Mystery Book Club, Age -

Thank you, Jenn

Kligers, Age -

The library is awesome!

Riley, Age 9

I Meow You

Jessica, Age 42

It's Filled with Books!

Lupe, Age 30

The librarians are so helpful!

Naia, Age 12

Tops in my book!

India, Age 6


Henry, Age 9

I love the books!

Justin, Age 37

I love the reading nooks!

Karin, Age 38