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We love our librarians

Zoe, Age 9

Fire truck books!

Caleb, Age 2

I love all the books!

Simmy, Age 4

I love my library!

Eden, Age -


April, Age 38

Such a great area for kids!

Storm, Age -

We love and appreciate the library!

Courtney, Age -

I love our librarians!

Alden, Age 10

Our children's librarian is wonderful!

Allison, Age -

My heart's content

Avery, Age 11

I love the library events

Veronica, Age 13

I love all the books

Evie, Age 4

A beautiful and peaceful place!

Romana, Age -

The best community space!

Sophia & Rumi, Age -

We love storytime!

Georgia, Age -


Xixi Truong-Marchetto, Age 2 years 8 months

A swell valentine!

Anne, Age 76

Lots of books!

Henry, Age 7

I love to read!

Veronica, Age 8


Maevell, Age -

We love Natick library!

Alyssa, Age 42

I like all the books!

Nyah, Age -

I like getting books!

Bryn, Age -

I love books

Jaymee, Age -