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I love my library!

Colin, Age -

I love my library

Dale, Age -

A swell valentine!

Anne, Age 76


Henry, Age 9

We love books!

Livia and Julia, Age 13 & 10

You are tops in my book!

Lindsey, Age -

I love my library!

Shaya, Age -

We love Maynard!

Jax, Age 8 months old

I love the coloring and books!

Elana, Age -

I love Libby!

Margit, Age -

I love reading!

Shreya Belagaje, Age 3

Oh how I love you

Suzanne, Age 73

We love Reading Public Library!

Connor & Ryan, Age 4 & 5

Love the eBooks!

Trish, Age -

My Favorite Place!

Lindsey, Age 33

Simply the Best!

The Murphy's, Age -

Love the staff picks!

Valerie, Age senior citizen

I would be lost without books

Marylee, Age 69

The Keys to My Heart

Marian, Age 67

Thank you!

Christine, Age 53

I love you all

Bill, Age 49

Hugs to you!

Meghan, Age 38

Thank you, Stevens Memorial Library

Aaron, Age 36

Thank you, Norton Public Library

Rose, Age 1

I love the library!

Léa, Age 5

I love the library!

Maël, Age 8

Can't wait to walk in!

EES, Age -

This letter is long overdue

Joseph, Age 6

So U and I could be together

Francis, Age 8

You are tops in my book

Teresa, Age 10

Stacks Above the Rest

The Francis Family, Age -

Thank You!

Hazen, Age 29

I love crafts via Zoom!

Josie, Age 3

I love audio books

Keating, Age 4

Can never have enough books!

Esme, Piper, Kate & Carl, Age -

We’ve got the perfect book

Tina, Age 41

I love my library!

Morgan, Age 24

I love picking up books!

Pat, Age -

Our community’s most valuable asset

Sue, Age 68

Thank you, APL!

Caroline, Age 41

I love borrowing books!

Eileen, Age 68

We love our library, and we're not kitten

Xena, Age 17

As cozy as a cat in a box!

Rebecca, Age 62

I love researching at my library

Veronica, Age 41

I love finding my new favorite books!

Ben, Age 9

I love the puzzles!

Finley, Age 7

Our Library Programs are the BEST!

Lorelai and Ryder, Age 6 and 7

Books, books, books!

Bo, Age 5


Stephan, Age 73

You're the Cat's Meow!

Sarah, Age 36

We love you, Worcester Public Library!

Jessica, Age 32

Love the Programs at BPL!

Celeste, Age 52

Woof, Woof!

Adele, Age 5


Sheila, Age 81

Honk Honk!

Tressy, Age 42

I can always find what I'm looking for!

Valerie, Age 32

Thank you, Mrs. Mullins!

Paityn, Age 7