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I like all the books!

Nyah, Age -

I like getting books!

Bryn, Age -

I love books

Jaymee, Age -

I love the library

Luna, Age -

I love my library

Robin, Age -

So many things to choose!

Lourie, Age -

I love my library!

Jarieliz, Age -

It's the perfect place to calm down!

Sloan, Age -

I love to find my favorite books

Lucas, Age 5

I love all the books!

Dawson, Age 2

A great space in Attleboro!

Bobby, Age -

I like getting books and movies

Abby, Age -


-, Age -

I love the kids books

Lea, Age 5

Love the staff

Wendy, Age -

I love my library!

Shaya, Age -

You have amazing books!

Karen, Age -

I love the amazing books!

Karen, Age -

Thank you, Attleboro Public Library!

Paula, Age over 21

Love the eBooks!

Trish, Age -

Thank you Attleboro Public Library staff

Elaine, Age Old Enough to Know Better

I love everything!

Barbara, Age Forever Young