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Hello Libraries!

Michele, Age -


Tewksbury Public Library, Age -

We love our library

Tewksbury Public Library, Age -


Ian, Age 8

Thank you for all the books

-, Age -

There are so many books

-, Age -


Barbara, Age -

There are nice, kind people!

Emina, Age -

I love the library

Megan, Age 26

The staff treats you like family

Reinaldo, Age -

The activities are amazing

Alia, Age -

I love the clubs and groups

Naima, Age -

I like books

Charlotte, Age -

Reading is amazing

Kellan, Age -

It's very inclusive

Cheyenne, Age -

I love my library!

Colin, Age -

Nice staff and events!

Vanessa, Age -

Books and Coloring!

Jack & Dan, Age -

Awesome books!

Sarah, Age -

I love my library

Dale, Age -

Nice staff!

Kamryn B., Age -

I love it!

Grace, Age -

So many books and adventures

Elisabeth, Age -

Great books about families like mine

Hope, Age -