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Our community’s most valuable asset

Sue, Age 68

We love Forbes Library!

sue, Age 72

Lots of reasons to love the library

Meredith, Age 51

The librarians aren’t just kind, they’re awesome!

James, Age 7

The librarians are super duper!

Elizabeth, Age 7

Thank you, APL!

Caroline, Age 41

We love Dennis Public Library

Peggy, Age -

I love borrowing books!

Levi, Age 7

I loooove the library

Connor, Age 7

You Brighten My Life

Andrew, Age 32

I love the library!

Sarah, Age 52

Thank you Attleboro Public Library staff

Elaine, Age Old Enough to Know Better

I love Mashpee Public Library

Gloria, Age -

I love everything!

Barbara, Age Forever Young

Thank you Southwick Library

Gabriel, Age 7 years

We love Plymouth Library!

Jeannine, Age 58

We love reading!

Youme, Age 50

The One and Only Ivan!

Julieann, Age Varies

Thank you for reading to us!

Julieann, Age Varies

We love the youth room!

Jocelyn and Ethan, Age 9 and 7

Love you!

Allison, Age 42

I love Southwick Public Library

Kim, Age 59

I love borrowing books and movies!

Thomas, Age 10

I love the library!

Joie, Age 10