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Likes computers to learn new things

Eleanor, Age -

Judgment free zone

Haley, Age -

Henry and Mudge favorite book series

Clara, Age -

A lot of fun things to do at Library

Caleb, Age -

Strong sense of community

Elisabeth, Age -

Access to many amazing books

Mary, Age -

Nice seeing friendly faces

The Alderson’s, Age -

Young Adult books favorite genre

Evangeline, Age -

Access to more books

-, Age -

Welcomed our family right away

Norton library lover, Age -

Variety of class options

-, Age -

Access to books saved their life

-, Age -

Friendly staff

Kathy T, Age -

Really enjoy the E=books and audio books

Lundin family, Age -

Leah (Librarian) appreciation letter

The Duffs, Age -

Great programs for children

Diane, Age -

Love participating in the events

Brogan, Age -

Access to books should not be taken for granted

Jaden, Age -

Exploring new worlds through reading

Amy, Age -

Great place to hang with friends

Karli, Age -

Volunteering at library and in community

Vee, Age -

The bonds created at the library

Elisabeth, Age -

Love spending time with friends

Mary, Age -

Enjoys the quality time with her sisters

Sophie, Age -