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-, Age -

Love Letter

Fran, Age -

Cat Lover

Leah, Age -

Different Genres of books

Corey, Age -

Favorite thing about books

Zac, Age -

Librarian Appreciation

Zoey, Age -

Table top RPG

-, Age -

Books and Games

Thomas, Age -

Loves all books

Joanna, Age -

Books and Computers

Cal, Age -

Loves Firetruck toys

Ryan, Age -

Library Lover

Sophia, Age -

Spy games and novel lover

Emma, Age -

Reading is her favorite hobby

Charlotte, Age -

Teen programs impacted her

Evangeline, Age -

Enjoys the social aspect of community

Nora, Age -

Knitting club

-, Age -

The programs are the best part

-, Age -

Programs and Lee appreciation letter

-, Age -

Library is a great money saver

Mary, Age -

Safe and fun environment

-, Age -

Kind employees make it fun

Rosey, Age -

Books are cool and reading is fun

Johnny, Age -

Enjoys books and drawing

Juliana, Age -